Our Policy on User Safety

Welcome to Samton Network, the social networking for younger people. Our website targets people of the ages between 10 - 17. Our website lets our users have the ability to apply content to the website, and edit the website, as if it is their own. This form of networking has never been done before in social networking sites, like facebook, twitter, or tumblr. We let the users have it their way.

We include a very tight security policy, which includes that anyone over the age 18 must have permission to join the site from site staff, and anyone under the age of 10 should have permission from parent or guardian, with consent. We do not include inappropiate language (swearing, sexuality, offensive) on our site, and anyone who violates this policy will be suspended or banned from the site permenantly. 

If a user encounters another user who is violating this policy, the user can report a member with our built in form and we will respond with in 24 hours of the incident. We search through our site's stats and history to review if any user is violating the policy, and if a user is caught violating our policy the first time, they will be demoted to Limited Member, and will be unable to enjoy many member's features. If a user is caught a second time violating our policy, then their account will be deleted permenantly. But, the user can reactivate their account and apply to rejoin Samton Network. 

If you are concerned about the your account's safety, please email us at [email protected], or Contact Us, for more information.