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  1. How do I become a moderator?

    To become a moderator, you must apply for the Samton Network Moderator Quiz, and if you pass, you will be notified and become Moderator at Samton Network. Moderators can add videos, edit forums posts, add photos and much more. . .

    Click Here to try out the test! 

  2. How do I become a member on Samton?

    In order to become a member on Samton, you must go on the members page. Then there is a "JOIN SITE" button. Click on that. :)

  3. How do delete friends on Samton?

    Go on the friend (that you want to delete)'s page.  Then where it says "SEND MESSAGE" page, it should say "DELETE FRIEND". Click on that.

  4. How do I add friends on Samton?

    Click on the member (that you want to add)'s page. There should be a add as friend button. Click on that. Then, you wait for the person to accept your friend request.

  5. How do I report a member?

    If your using meebo chat bar, click on the "REPORT" button, then the "BLOCK"  button. If you are doing emessage chat using your account, then you can report by emailing us at [email protected] or [email protected] .

  6. How do I delete my membership on Samton?

    Go on "EDIT PROFILE". Then click on account. Then it should show all the webs websites you have been on. Click on Samton, and click on the delete button next to Samton.

    Email us at [email protected] for more information.

  7. How do I become a Limited Member?

    If you just join Samton, or you have behaved badly on samton, you can become a limited member. Limited members can only do basic member features, including premium chat. 

    In order to fix that, you must be logging in at least 2 activities on your profile log, for the next 4 days, then notify our admins.

    If you are demoted as a limited member and are caught not using Samton appropiately (again), your account will be terminated. Samton Network has no tolerance for misusage of the network's features.

  8. Why am I a Limited Member?

    You have either been a limited member because you were caught for doing bad behaivor.

  9. Why am I not allowed to play games on Samton?

    Members and moderators can play games on Samton. If you are a Limited Member, you cannot play games on Samton. Neither can you download videos or pictures.

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  1. How do I add videos on Samton?

    In order to add videos, you must be a moderator. In order to become a moderator, you must become more active on samton.

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How to

  1. How do I use the Samton Database?

    In order to use the Samton Database, you must find someone you want to find information from. Then submit their name, where you found them, and YOUR email. Samton will email the information to you if the IPP adress will allow us to locate it through HTML or Javascript.

  2. How to add photos to the Photo Gallery?

    Members can add photos to the photo gallery, but limited members cannot.

  3. How to post a note

    Our note blog is speciffically for everyone to post their notes. Only members can post blog entries. Limited members cannot.

  4. How to Post a Profile Picture?

    Click on Edit Profile>>>First Option is to add photo>>>.Click  Upload Photos>>>And select Photos saved on your computer.

    Make sure you use appropriate pictures, please. 

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