Samton Update: June 9, 2013

Hey guys! I know we were a little late with the updates but we have a new app that we would love to introduce to you guys! Introduce the new Samton Network Vlogging App can help you post quick 30-second vlogs and share them with Samton Network users. It's easier than the manual video upload (via the Videos page), and members can comment on your videos. Make sure to post a vlog! But hurry, because the first member to post a Vlog will be a moderator or will receive a shout out on the home page.

Also, there is a new podcast that has been released on the site. Check that out. 

-- Solange

Samton Update: April 20, 2013

Hey guys, there's a few new updates coming today on Samton Network:

  • New podcast, check it out!
  • New preview for Samton Network movie, "Space Wars: The Rebirth" 

Samton Update: April 9 - April 13, 2013

For the past four years, Samton Network has been a social networking site for the younger generation. Samton Network is a media network that uses video, music, and content, to connect our members together.

We have now reached possibly the biggest Samton Network milestone: we have now gone premium. What does that mean? The site going premium now means that we receive premium content for our website and we now have our own domain. Instead of typing in the old "", we have now bought a new domain:

Samton Network is now an independent website, and I'm happy to announce that our website has our own domain now (finally). 

I know I have been on a five-month hiatus, but thank you for supporting the website for all these years. This is a gift to you. 


  • There is a new Quizzes page, where you can fill out fun personality quizzes and submit your own to the website. 
  • The Contact Us Page, and Parents Area page has been moved. 
  • We have updated all the info pages
  • Most apps on this site will be for members only, so make sure you sign up for Samton! 

New Video: Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Relief Video made by Samton Network. Some clips of the video are owned by ABCNews and Wall Street Journal. Song, Black Candles, is by Kae Sun. We hope all who were affected by Hurricane Sandy are safe, especially our Samton Network Team. God bless! 

Welcome to Samton Network

Welcome to Samton Network, social networking site for kids and teens. Don't know how to start? Overwhelmed with the amount of activities? Here's how to start:

1. Design your profile - Make it what you want it to be, you're own style, who you are, and a cool profile picture. 

2. Add friends - Become friends with new members and send messages to them. Guarenteed they'll respond. 

3. Add videos, photos or content - Add to the community. Post new posts in the forum, watch videos, add photos, fill out quizzes, even blog! There's so much to do on Samton Network that it can't all be listed.

4. Support the podcast - Listen to the latest podcasts, rate it, and request songs. We can use the feedback! 

5. Join the Samton Network Team - Samton Network staff could use another hand to help around here. Click here to apply for a position on the staff team.